Dog Itchy Skin? 3 Remedies You Can Try at Home


It’s heartbreaking seeing your beloved canine buddy scratching himself white raw and leaving him covered in bald spots. The harm that a dog is able to inflict upon himself is actually very terrible as the scratching might break the skin and let all kinds of nasty infections to enter the scratches. Nevertheless, luckily you will find quite a few home cures that you are able to use that can help your itchy dog.

The three Home Remedies for treating Dog’s Itchy Skin

One of the more common reasons for itching is allergies. It can certainly be hard to sort out what exactly your dog is sensitive to, nevertheless the presence of a selection of crusty sores will typically show your pet is sensitive to something. In order to alleviate the itching, offer your dog a great bath and for much more help add several colloidal oatmeals. Colloidal oatmeal is very simply some ground up healthy oatmeal. You are able to quickly fix it yourself in case you have a food processor, coffee grinder or maybe blender in the building. All that you have to do is grind up the oats to a good powder and put it to the bath water. Additionally, it works great things for the human skin also.

If your dog is experiencing itchy legs, then try adding little Epsom salts to a bowl of water that is cool and carefully bathe the dog’s foot in it for approximately 10 minutes. Just be sure that the dog doesn’t consume the water.

If you discover that bugs have bitten your dog, then blend a little baking soda with a bit of water to develop a paste and use it with the bites. This helps to alleviate the burn of the bites and also stop that terrible itching and scratching.

These’re just 3 Itchy Dog Remedies. Proper hygiene is able to go quite a distance to maintain dog’s skin healthy. And for an ultimate pet care guide, you can read about the 10 powerful home remedies for dog diarrhea from eHome Remedies.