How Not to Get Ripped Off In An Auction


So you have chosen to promote Great Aunt Sally’s dining established, though you are unsure how to proceed next. Before you name the antique sellers, follow these pointers to keep from making expensive mistakes.
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  1. What is the problem of the piece or even pieces you are selling?

Now’s the perfect time to put aside any sentimental attachment you’ve and check out the slice through the eyes of a possible customer. The condition is going to affect the price tag. Is the couch damaged, legs lose or even cracked, fabric soiled, veneer lifting, ripped or maybe faded? In case the wood surface is simply a bit of dusty and scratched, try out a bit of Old English Scratch Cover; it is available in shades that are a few for various woods. Wipe it on and allow it to dry; it covers a wide range of problems. As for fabric, simply spending your vacuum attachment and vacuuming the upholstered places will eliminate the dust as well as grit. Soiled areas can be area treated with upholstery products. Be sure you focus on the fabric type and also blot the stain; do not grind it even further into the fabric. A bit of elbow grease is going to help your piece search much better and pay dividends when negotiating a selling price.

  1.  carHow old will be the portion?

Simply because Great Aunt Sally granted it for you does not imply she acquired it at birth. An antique is generally considered anything hundred years or perhaps older; however, although it might not be an antique, it might still be extremely beneficial as a “collectible” product. This’s where you have to do a bit of investigation. It’s essential to inform yourself about the things you are promoting. You are able to go to internet auctions or even try the library in case you do not have some antique reference books readily accessible.

  1. What is it worth?

Right now that is the question! Many of us can see an episode or 2 of “Antiques Roadshow” as well as delight to pick up the happy endings. We’re in hopes the unattractive vase hiding in the closet, is definitely worth a small lot. Well, now’s the perfect time to discover out. Go to internet auctions, antique shops, or maybe antique reference books and look for something very similar. Remember that with antique stores and reference books, the prices you’re looking at our a list. When you go to market your portion to a dealer, he or maybe she is going to offer you a wholesale price tag, that is usually around forty to sixty % of the item’s retail value. The importance of a piece may also differ based on the place you live in. What commands a top cost in York that is new might not be a favorite item in Arizona.

  1. What is your time frame for promoting your product?

Are you moving and have to eliminate it before leaving? Have you previously purchased a replacement and it’s going immediately? Or perhaps are you just contemplating selling, based on what it is worth? In case you realize you are looking to sell a portion, and you are able to take your time, now do that. You are able to do your homework, find out its worth and locate a buyer. Do not hold back until the final minute, panic, and also must market immediately. In your haste, you’ll most likely settle for a lot less than what it’s worth. Far better to have your time, do your research, plus feel great about the purchase.

  1. Can I call a dealer and obtain an appraisal?

Before you call you to need to understand the big difference between obtaining an appraisal and calling an antique dealer for a cost. Occasionally, an antique dealer is, in addition, a professional appraiser; however, in case you would like a created appraisal of the fair market retail value, they are going to charge you a fee. An antique dealer is coming over to buy your thing with a wholesale cost, not provide you with a free appraisal so that you are able to promote it yourself. (Would you get all over the city, spending huge gasoline prices, simply to provide free appraisals?) If you’ve completed your research, you ought to know what you would like for your portion and determine if what they’re giving is a reasonable value. In case you have not taken enough time to do your analysis, and the dealer isn’t established, he or maybe she would use this to their benefit. Be ready!