Pipe Fittings – The Drawbacks of Using Yellow Brass Fittings


You will find numerous kinds of pipe fittings made of various materials we have now. Fittings are utilized in the majority of the industrial and domestic purposes to extend, subscribe or even terminate the relationship in required places. These items are made in sizes that are different, measurements and shapes to suit requirements that are different. Plugs, couplings, caps, unions, as well as adapters, are several of the various kinds of fittings that can be bought from a lot of the internet retailers at affordable cost rates. 

Different kinds of materials are utilized for producing these fittings including steel, brass, plastic, copper, aluminum as well as cast iron. The costs of these items differ based on the kind of materials used because of its creation. 

Typical fittings will be utilized for extensions, reducing or enlarging, branching, direction, closing and makeup or union. These fittings are utilized in most kinds of repair projects and also HVAC equipment. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize the big difference between all these fittings to undertake maintenance projects.

Steel fittings are known to become the tensile and durable most fittings. Brass items are also tensile though it’s susceptible to corrosion and damages. Therefore the majority of people choose using copper fittings on account of its non-corrosive properties. Aluminum items are mainly used for nearly all of the domestic plumbing reasons as it’s versatile, durable, and affordable. Plastic fittings can also be used as it’s less expensive and generally available in the majority of the online and offline retailers. 

All kinds of pipe fittings including carbon steel butt weld fittings, socket weld fittings, and threaded fittings can be purchased very easily through online stores though it’s crucial to recognize the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing a certain variety. Several of the most reputable models of items are showcased in a lot of internet retailers at reasonable cost rates. 

Disadvantages of Yellow Brass Pipe Fittings

Brass fittings are commonly available in some of the internet shops however these fittings include quite a few disadvantages that shall be mentioned in the next areas. 

Brass is essentially an alloy that is composed of zinc and copper. It’s made available in two varieties which includes yellow and red. The yellow pipes possess large information of zinc in it which leads to different problems. These yellowish brass products are identified to de-zincify and that is essentially a procedure of corrosion. The zinc is converted into zinc oxide in due course of time. It clogs the pipes and also fixtures in the form associated with a white powder. 

Yet another downside on the brass fittings is it weakens the framework of the fixture and brings about pinhole leakages in it. It generally begins from the internal levels of the fixtures and thus it’s rather hard to identify these defects right from the start. Finally, the pinhole expands as well as the water leaks from the outside levels of the fixtures. It can cause severe damages to homes, apartments, and offices. 

The pace and the process of degradation depend on some other things like the pressure, acidity and also the presence of chemical substances in the water. A seasoned plumber is able to recognize the defects in brass fixtures very easily.