The Best Health Advantages That Come With Drinking Tea


Tea is essentially the most commonly consumed beverage on the planet. It’s an aromatic drink that is prepared by adding the foliage of tea plants to water that is hot. There are many stories and tales around the discovery of this soothing beverage. Probably the most prominent tale is from China in which it was found accidentally when the leaf on the vegetable fell into the container of hot water that had been being ready for the Chinese Emperor.

Tea was created in the west in the first of the 17th century. It hit America in the 18th Boston and century Tea party marked the first of American’s war of freedom. With time different styles and flavors of tea developed. Probably the most important was the improvement of tea bags by a brand new York merchant. This invention lowered the price of the tea, and it had become the world’s favorite drink.

The health advantages of drinking tea had been realized with its discovery. It was used for the therapy of common cold and infectious diseases. Additionally, it helps the digestion system and the central nervous system of the entire body. Extensive studies and study have now developed the facts which tea has many health benefits. The top five health advantages of drinking tea could be summarized as the following:

1. Anti-aging – tea has antioxidants that assist in minimizing the free radical present within the entire body. Black and green teas are known to get ten times greater antioxidant than in any veggie or fruit. There are a variety of antioxidants present in tea as polyphenol, catechins, epicatechins, and thearubigins. Regular tea consumption enhances the antioxidant capability of the blood. The flavonoids contained in the tea are antioxidants that protect the cells on the body through the energetic oxygen free radical.

2. Reduces heart attacks along with strokes – scientific studies show that consuming 3 cups of tea regularly can easily lower the danger of heart attacks. It can help in maintaining the arteries clog clear of cholesterol. The antioxidants contained in the tea defend the entire body from the oxidation of lousy cholesterol.

Tea has anti-thrombotic properties which assist in maintaining the blood vessels sleek. Cardiovascular diseases are much less typical in china and japan where tea is ingested on a consistent schedule.

3. Tea protects bones – consuming tea prevents osteoporosis. A study, the outcome of which was printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has proven that tea drinkers had much more bone density than the non-drinkers. Phytochemicals contained in the tea aids in stopping bone loss. Caffeine present in the tea raises the secretion of calcium within the body and therefore, will help in preventing osteoporosis.

4. Tea improves the immune system – antioxidant polyphenol aids in boosting the regulatory T cells in a system that is immune. A T cell balances the body’s immune system and also allows the body in combat with the diseases assaulting the body. It can help in maintaining the body’s immune system alert and fights with all the viruses and bacteria. TakeMedic emphasizes how tea greatly enhances one’s immune system, building up your resistance against a variety of diseases.

5. Tea protects against cancer – the antioxidants contained in the tea is able to prevent the development of cancer cells. Clinical trials on pets have found that catechins contained in tea are able to manage the development of cancer cells. Green tea is considered more efficient compared to black tea for dealing with cancer.

You will find many advantages to drinking tea. It will keep the body hydrated with no calories. It boosts the metabolism of the body and thus helps in bodyweight reduction. Keeping in mind the above says advantages of tea, it’s appropriately been stated as’ elixir of immortality.’