Common Health Risks Associated With Ticks And Fleas In Dogs – Preventive Tips


The health risks of fleas in dogs are well known. They can cause serious and even fatal problems for your dog. However, there is no reason to panic as these risks are very rare. This article takes a look at some of the ways that fleas can harm your dog.

One of the first things that you will want to do is to make sure that your pets get a proper bath every so often. This helps to remove all of the dead skin cells that tend to collect on your dog’s coat. This can be a good prevention measure against ticks and fleas.

When you bathe your dog you are actually ridding yourself of the breeding grounds for these parasites. It is important that you spend a little time doing regular bathing for your dogs to lower the risk of them getting infested with fleas.

Another way that you can protect your dog from fleas is by making sure that they do not get dirty. Clean your dog’s thoroughly whenever you get out of the house. Make sure that you wash your dogs before you let them inside the house.

Vacuuming the floors thoroughly will help to get rid of any dirt and bacteria which would give the fleas easy access to your dog’s skin. Another thing that you can do to help reduce the risk of fleas is to make sure that your dog has regular checkups with their vet.

Fleas can get onto your dog’s food and find a place to latch onto. Your vet will be able to identify what type of flea infestation your dog is experiencing and can recommend appropriate medication. Some dogs will just have to be taken off the road while their fleas are taken care of.

If your dog is in significant pain though you might want to consider going to the vet as soon as possible. Even when your dogs seem to be healthy, there are still some health risks that can be associated with them. Now, these flea and tick collars for furry friends is a number one choice for many pet owners for various reasons!

The first risk is from flea bites. Dogs will sometimes go out of their way to get on your couch or mattresses to lick you, this is only going to make your dog’s immune system become weaker and make it vulnerable to catching more fleas.

If you notice that your dog is itching a lot, it may be itching because it has an inflammation problem. Your dog’s body is trying to heal itself and it can get frustrating if it has to fight with so many irritants. It may be a sign of an infection or another problem with his bowels.

There are some other health risks of fleas in dogs that you should be aware of. If your dog ever seems to be scratching a lot it may be suffering from an infection.

This is one of the easiest infections to get because it just comes and goes. You need to make sure that your dog is not getting the right type of nutrition or at least enough food to keep him healthy.

A third risk is from fleas getting on your dog’s feathers. This happens when your dog’s hair gets stuck up into it or the fleas get on your dog’s shirt and pull them through the hair. You can pull the hairs back manually while the dog is standing.

You need to take the dog’s hair out of it and then clean off the fleas with a shampoo. They can be very stubborn to get off so it may take several tries. Some say it takes 20 tries but it may take more than that if the fleas are really bad.