How to Resurface Your Bathtub – Doing It On Your Own


Bathtubs are among the most frequently used parts of the building. Due to this particular, bathtubs may seem older after long years of working with it, and you might have to change it for a much better looking one and one which has a color which can match the color inside your bathroom.

Nevertheless, purchasing a brand new bathtub and having it installed in your house is able to prove to be extremely pricey. For a cheaper solution, you are able to think about resurfacing your bathtub yourself rather than buying a brand new one. By resurfacing it, you are going to be able to save hundreds of dollars for a bathtub.

Resurfacing a bathtub is rather easy to perform. With persistence and a number of preparations, you are going to be ready to generate your old bathtub looking like brand new. So, here would be the very simple preparations and step-by-step procedure that you have to remember when you’re likely to resurface a bathroom bathtub.

The very first thing you have to consider is the fact that you’ll be working with various kinds of chemicals. The chemical substances concerned in bathroom tub resurfacing is bad for you. Thus, it’s essential to remember you have to defend yourself in order that you can stay away from some major injuries.

It’s crucial that you must work in well-ventilated areas the toxins that several of these chemical substances emit are harmful and can be unsafe if inhaled. The chemical substances, as well as the fumes it emits, may also be bad for the eyes as well as skin. Due to this particular, it’s also crucial that you need to use appropriate clothing which covers every single aspect of your health and also use safety goggles to safeguard your eyes.

Okay, so now you’re completely shielded from mind to toe. Of course, you might look ridiculous, though you are safe! Let’s have another step.

Give your tub best cleaning by detaching loose caulking along with the gaskets. Generally, the water tub refinishing kit you bought will have numerous chemical substances that you are going to need to resurface your bathroom bathtub efficiently.

The very first two chemical compounds are going to act as a cleaning solution which may efficiently eliminate some oils and soaps from the surface area of the bathroom bathtub. These chemicals are going to prepare the water tub for the primer.

You’ll be expected to completely wash the bathroom tub surface with sandpaper (220 to 240 grit). After you scrubbed the water tub, the next thing is rinsing away the residue with water.

After rinsing, you have to obtain the bathroom tub to dry to make it for the next cleaning solution completely.

The following substance is nonetheless a cleaning solution which is going to be ready to eliminate any soap and oil residue. After putting on as well as scrubbing the water tub, you’ll once again rinse it completely with water and dry it with a well-used paper or towel towels.

Next, you’ll now apply the next remedy, which is the fact that primer reducer. This specific solution is going to prepare the bathtub for using the primer. In order to use the primer reducer, you are going to need to use it with paper towels thoroughly. You are going to see that there’ll be damages to the bathroom bathtub and will be very apparent after using the primer reducer. You have to restore the tub surface along with the drain area.

To get this done, you are able to apply some putty. It’s essential to let the putty dry out for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes. The repaired areas will often have difficult areas. To fix this, you need to apply fine sandpaper. After repairing as well as smoothing out the water tub surface, the next thing is applying the primer reducer once again.

The next thing is by using tape and newspaper on the places which you do not have to refinish or even resurface. This can protect these places from becoming harmed by the chemical substances which you have to use for resurfacing.

Now you’re prepared to use the base coat. A useful suggestion is using a respirator to protect your lungs from the toxins of the first layer. The toxins that are emitted are toxic, and so be safe. Sticking to the manufacturer’s directions to combine the primers components just as instructed, use a squirt gun to use an even finish.

After thirty minutes has elapsed, you are prepared for the leading coat! You must also make use of a squirt gun to correctly use the level with actual strokes to give it an excellent finishing look.

As you are able to see, bathtub resurfacing is extremely easy. It’s a cost-effective option than buying a new bathtub. By resurfacing your tub, you are going to be ready to get a brand new looking bathtub at an extremely low price.

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