The Nyberg Three Percenter Flag – A Symbol of Freedom and Equality


The Nyberg Three Percent Flag was designed by Gayle Nyberg in 2008. Its design is based on a flag used by Betsy Ross during the American Civil War. This tattered American flag features a circle of thirteen stars and the Roman numeral III.

However, in the ensuing controversy, the NYP has distanced itself from the book’s plot and its author. This article will explore the alleged connection between the “Nyberg Three Percent Flag” and Vanderboegh’s novel, and how it came to be created.

The Three Percenters Flag is made by hand in the USA and comes in a variety of sizes. Available in large, double-sided, and outdoor sizes, you can choose from several sizes to suit your needs.

The 15×20 Stadium Flag is equipped with a thimble for securing it to a wall, and larger sizes include two extra grommets. This makes it a great choice for outdoor displays. Designed by a team of Oath Keepers members, the Three Percenters flag is available in single and double-sided options.

You can also buy it in multiple sizes, such as outdoor and large sizes. Each of these flags has a thimble, and the 15×20 Stadium has two extra grommets. Depending on the size of the flag, you can purchase multiple versions.

The Flag That Will Make You Proud

The Three Percenters Flag is a symbol of freedom and equality. Whether you’re looking for a home or office flag, the Three Percenters will surely make you proud. The logo and the slogan are perfect for any occasion. Besides, the colors are very striking.

The NYP flag is made with the highest quality fabric. You can get it in a variety of colors and sizes. If you’re looking for a large banner, you can opt for the 15×20 Stadium or outdoor version. The Three Percenters Flag is handmade in the USA. The Flag is available in double and single-sided versions and has multiple sizes.

The 15×20 Stadium is designed with a thimble and two extra grommets for outdoor use. You can order one of each size. If you’re unsure of which size you need, the largest outdoor flag is the 15×20 Stadium. You can choose the thimble in addition to the other flags to ensure that the banner will look perfect wherever you hang it.

The Three Percenters Flag is a hand-made American flag. It is available in a single or double-sided design. You can select from a variety of sizes, from small to large. For outdoor use, you can choose the 15×20 Stadium. Its thimble and extra grommets on the larger sizes are optional. This means that the 31% flag is perfect for all outdoor settings.

A Unique Way to Express Your Political Flags

A Three Percenters Flag is a unique way to express your political views and promote your beliefs. It is hand-made in the USA and comes in single and double-sided versions. It is also available in multiple sizes. The 15×20 Stadium is a stadium-size flag, while the larger ones come with extra grommets.

The flags can be displayed in many places, including your yard, your home, and your workplace.  Using the Three Percent Flag is an excellent way to support the American far-right movement. It illegitimately symbolizes the United States government.

The NYP flag was originally used by the Montezuma County Patriots to promote their cause. The Nyberg three percent flag provides a great opportunity to show your support for your cause. There are thousands of people around the world who believe in the importance of the U.S. Constitution.