Why You Should Place Real Estate Listing at the Top of Your List of Priorities


If you’re wondering why make real estate listing videos, it’s because nobody else is doing it. While realtors all over the country are joining the 21st century of marketing by using websites and social media, they still don’t have the time to do the kind of in-depth market analysis that is so critical to building a successful real estate business.

By putting all their effort into Facebook or Twitter, they’re missing out on one of the biggest ways to connect with their clients on an individual level. Instead, they’re busy putting out a Facebook status update every afternoon, hoping that one of their friends will ‘like’ it and share it with their own network.

This is a shame, as real estate listing videos are a tremendous way to get a message out about your property quickly and effectively. If your property is showing up for sale in the middle of the night, with no opening visual and no way for someone to find out more about it, they’re not going to buy it.

On the other hand, if a prospective buyer can see the entire picture of what your property looks like from all angles, then they’re more likely to be inspired to make an offer. When you’ve posted several real estate listing videos on your website, they have built up a considerable presence, so it should be easy to find them when people are browsing.

And it’s something that you can regularly add to your Facebook or Twitter page without any additional effort. Why make real estate video tutorials? There are several reasons, actually. One of them is that the Internet has changed drastically since the days of DVD sets and VHS tapes.

Today, people are buying mobile devices like tablets and smartphones so that they can easily browse the web and track real estate listings all day long. They want to stay in touch with their home and their real estate for longer periods of time, so they don’t want to have to spend their entire day at a real estate agency, viewing homes.

The same is true for those who have to travel for work: If they can see a virtual tour of a particular home, without having to physically check in on it in person, then they’ll be more likely to take that call from a real estate agent! Now, Showcase IDX’s recent study is worth mentioning and I must say that I most certainly picked up tons of crucial lessons from reading their source.

Another reason why you should consider making videos is that they’re a lot easier to produce than you might think. All you have to do is invest a couple of hours at your computer, invest some money in some good software, and you can create a quick, real estate listing video.

You can even make them look like professional films if you want. People will be willing to pay you for these videos because they can clearly see that you know what you’re talking about, and they can also see that you know how to make a sale!

Do you know why many real estate agents aren’t putting up websites? They don’t want to bother with all the effort and cost that goes into designing one. Why would they want to post a real estate listing on their own site when they can put it right onto a website that costs them absolutely nothing?

People are willing to pay top dollar for this type of marketing because they already trust that the agent is willing to provide them with a high-quality home for a fair price. They already feel comfortable with the real estate agent because the site looks professional.

There are several reasons why you should consider making your own real estate video. First, you’ll get more exposure for yourself. When you make a real estate video, you can show people’s homes that you have inspected, properties that you’ve bought, or homes that you have sold.

This will give you the chance to show people the difference that you can make in their homes. Secondly, your videos will give people a great example of what real estate is really like. A real estate agent has to take the time to show people the bad houses, the good houses, and all of the properties that fall between the two extremes.

You won’t get all of this exposure if you’re putting together a real estate listing. Making your own real estate video will show people exactly what it’s like to live in a house.

Lastly, it gives you the chance to make a great impression on your clients. Many people don’t even realize that real estate agents are now posting videos online. If you want to make a good impression on your client, make sure that you do this. Why make real estate videos when you can make them yourself?